FAQ’s, Stats & Tips

Here you will find some answers to some of your more basic questions.  There may be a tip or two here to help keep your special day fun for everyone.


– Lou has been in business since 1992.  He started with Dance Party Djs and on occasion still works with them.

– We have a wireless microphone.  Interaction is a must.

– Yes, we play requests!  They are what gives your wedding a unique feel.  Whether a list  is sent ahead of time or its on the fly, we can more than likely can handle it.

– Did you know that in a five hour reception the average amount of songs played is 80?  Since Lou is 100% digital he carries approximately 50,000 songs and close to   10,000 music videos.

– We know a ton of people in the business.  Photographers, Videographers, Decorators, Florists, Cartoonist, etc.  If you are still looking, maybe we can help you find another piece of the puzzle.

– We like a nice continuous flow of events.  We will co-ordinate with the hall, and all of your hired vendors to make sure its a nice smooth day, so you can finally sit back and relax!

– Remember, when doing your seating chart try keeping your older guests furthest from the DJ.  They would probably prefer not sitting so close to the speakers anyway.