Behind The Scenes

  • Its safe to say that most Brides don’t really care what the DJ has as far as his or her equipment.  As long as it plays, it doesn’t matter what it sounds like or looks like.   I disagree, and here is why.  You are investing a lot of time and money into one of the biggest days of your life, it should be beautiful and flawless.  If your DJ does not care about his equipment, he takes no pride in his career.  If your DJ does not present his area in a neat and clean manner he has no respect for the wonderful and beautiful day you have been planning for for months in advance.  Sure there are times (very, very few) when it is a little messy, but those are usually due to venue layouts.
  • If you see wires hanging from speakers or lighting gear, wires not taped down or covered, a messy unorganized table, these are signs your DJ is more concerned with “How fast can I get out of here” rather than keeping the dance floor filled.  If you browse through my gallery I have a few system shots up.  All very clean.
  • Though I am always prepared for the worst, there is nothing any DJ can do with power failures, tripped circuits (due to the venue) or acts of GOD.
  • Your DJ should arrive at least an hour before.  I am usually there about an hour and fifteen before.  I like to take my time setting up.  It makes for a smooth day.
  • I am always dressed in a tux for a wedding, unless specified by the Bride not to be.  Business Casual for all other events.
  • Most DJs understand you have a special ‘vision’ for your day.  Just keep in mind that when you instruct your DJ on what he cannot play, the overall party value is affected.   Believe me, we hear a lot of the same songs over and over, but some of those songs work, and work well.   I offer guidance, but in the end it is your day, and I will play to your wants and needs.